Making Your Holiday Mail Stand Out

Holiday Mail

Although the holidays are only a few days away, you can still create a marketing campaign as one last hurrah to make the most of the year. Last-minute shoppers are still on a shopping spree, and taking advantage of this buying spree could make the difference between having a successful or unsuccessful business year. Direct mail is beneficial during this period. As a result, a lot of people open their mail as soon as they receive it during the holidays.  Here are the ways that you can take advantage of direct mail and make it stand out.

Create Direct Mail That’s Memorable

Advertisements bombard consumers every day. It is a challenge for marketers to create ads that are unique and catch people’s attention. In order to accomplish this, visuals are essential, especially for physical advertising like direct mail. Incorporate the five senses into your direct mail campaign if you want your campaign to succeed. When you create a visual that can entice the recipient’s sense of smell and taste, you set yourself apart from competitors who may be just pretty to look at. Adding a holiday theme to your design will make it more appealing and appropriate for the season, but remember that it will be your campaign that is memorable, not the peripherals.

Consider Including Calendars

Everybody appreciates a calendar. It doesn’t matter if everyone has them on their phones these days, there is still value in having a calendar hanging in a room of your home, whether it’s your dining room or living room. Contact to incorporate your calendar into your direct mail campaign to make your brand an everyday presence in your customers’ lives, even after the holidays have passed.

Have Multiple Campaigns in Direct Mail

If you combine two campaigns in your direct mail marketing, you will kill two birds with one stone. Incorporate your social media into your mail as a good way to do this. Utilise your social media pages to give users a code they can use to claim a freebie. They will be encouraged to interact directly with your social media pages, which will increase engagement. You can also direct them to your website if you wish. By doing so, you can increase web traffic and let customers browse your products and services right from your business website. The campaign will influence their purchasing decisions if you encourage them to do so.

Rely on Tried and True Solutions

You can still create a targeted campaign that targets your existing customers when all else fails. If you send them another holiday postcard, this time more catchy than the last, you’ll be able to maintain relationships with loyal customers who will be more likely to buy from you in the future. Keeping in touch with your customers is one of the best ways to keep them, like digital marketing.


When you have the right campaign in place, getting ready for the last stretch of the holidays can be beneficial to your business. Direct mail will get your prospects’ attention, even if they see advertisements across digital platforms and printed ads left and right. Especially if you have holiday sales and offers, it will entice them to consider your brand.

Strange Marketing can help your business celebrate the holidays in a way that is both enjoyable for consumers and profitable for the business. If you’re looking for direct mail marketing services near you, then look no further than Key to Savings Advertising Group. We offer direct mail advertising and marketing services, including direct mail preparation, digital marketing, data management, and more.

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