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Your phone is now your business card

Instantly exchange contact information, make a better first impression.

Employees at industry-leading companies love using Strange Marketing digital business cards


Share your contact information quickly, to anyone

Share your Digital card via QR code scanning, email, Airdrop, or SMS. Anyone with a smartphone can receive your card and your contact details can be saved to their phone.

Make a great first impression

Stand out with digital business cards. They're slick, eco-friendly and COVID-safe.

Keep track and manage your new relationships

With the Strange Marketing contact log you'll know where and when you met your new contacts.

“It has been a life saver not having to carry around my business cards anymore. The user experience is great as the support is really responsive.”

Strange Marketing has been super-easy to use, fast, and the support has been great. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Daniel, Senior UX Researcher


Want Strange Marketing for your Business?

Strange Marketing for Business empowers you to manage your workforces' business cards and track who they meet

Get plastic NFC cards

Need everything Strange Marketing has to offer but prefer a physical business card? We have you covered. Create a digital business card with all your information and link it to your physical business card with the tap of a button.

Tap your physical card to a phone or scan the QR code to open your digital card.

This is the last business card you will ever need

Order for yourself or your team!

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Get the Strange Marketing app

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