Holiday Marketing Tactics!!!

Holiday Marketing

Strategy 1: Upgrade Your eCommerce Site

As a result of COVID-19, eCommerce moved to the forefront of retail. According to some professionals, the pandemic accelerated the shift to eCommerce by 4 to 6 years in the first half of 2020.

Websites are the face of your business- they’re where people find out about you and your company, familiarise themselves with your brand, and purchase your products and services.

Prepare your eCommerce website for the wave of activity that comes with the holiday season.

Strategy 2: Take Advantage Of Native Advertising

Native advertising is a type of paid promotion in which the content blends in with the environment and is highly effective.

People pay 53% more attention to native advertising than to other forms of advertising, according to research.

Your holiday campaign can take advantage of native advertising – you can create an interactive piece of content that allows you to connect with your customers and tell a great story.

Strategy 3: Marketing with video

Video marketing is a significant area of growth among marketers. So why stop now?

When it comes to holiday marketing, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Create video ads for streaming services and social networks, organic content that you can share on your website or social channels, or even go live on social media to show what you’re working on.

Strategy 4: Research Your Business Keywords

Your website is the gateway to your products or services. Make sure it is effective.

Make your website more relevant for your clients by researching what is relevant and let us at help you to optimise it according to the business keywords. During the holiday season, long-tail keywords such as “sale,” “offer,” and “deal” often see a spike.

Strategy 5: Using email marketing

As part of your holiday marketing strategy, you can use email marketing to convey your message to your clients. Moreover, automation and personalisation can turn your email marketing strategy even more effective.

Strategy 6: Share your stories on social media

Whether recorded by individuals or companies, social media stories have become a daily part of our lives. The reason that they work is that they create an intimate experience with the customer and open up a direct line of communication.

We’ve had a challenging year – use these online marketing tactics to reach a positive impact this holiday season. 

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